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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

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Save money!

Most smokers spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year on cigarettes.  All that money goes up in smoke!


Be healthy, improve your lifespan, and look good!

Dozens of illnesses are causally related to smoking.  Within hours of quitting, your body will start to gradually return to normal with your risk of the major illnesses associated with smoking gradually reducing to that of a nonsmoker.  And you'll not just feel good.  High quality scientific research also you'll look younger too; smoking ages your appearance prematurely and the longer you smoke the more marked this effect is.

Stop smoking Hypnotherapy Works!

There has been considerable research on the relative effectiveness of the wide range of approaches that exist to help people stop  smoking.  Psychological research indicates that hypnotherapy is the most effective way of giving up smoking.  


It's not just hype!

Scientific resaerch shows that smoking cessation hypnotherapy  with a highly skilled expert can achieve success rates of up to 80% - more than twice as effective the next best alternative method people use to quit smoking - and considerably easier and more effective than patches and willpower!

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It's quick and easy with expert hypnosis!

No willpower necessary -  and no cravings!  A single session is all that is needed

Available in Southport or via Skype

Quit smoking with a single session of specialist hypnotherapy

*** only £130 ***

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